First Class Boats

The recently upgraded MS Rostropovich is one of the few boats on the Volga to have it’s own private balconies in most cabins.

MS Konstantin Fedin is a comfortable four deck vessel that is perfect to journey Russia's riverways and fulfill any Russian cruise dreams!

MS Nikolay Chernishevsky, one of Russia's premium vessels to cruise its riverways. Journey in comfort as you see all the sights Russia has to offer!

MS Nizhny Novgorod, a classic Russian vessel, will surely impress on any cruise through Russia!

The MS Peter Tchaikovsky is the best river vessel to sail Russia's waterways. After being fully refurbished in 2011, this modern vessel will meet the highest demands as you experience what Russia has to offer.

Excellent First Class boat with varied cabin choices, most of which feature private balconies.