Choose from Deluxe, First Class or Standard category boats

Deluxe is as the name suggests. You can’t get any better when you cruise the Volga in all her glory. The MS Volga Dream is the best of the best and offers a truly immersive cruise experience including quality accommodation and sightseeing throughout on all GOLD and PLATINUM departures.

First Class boats include the recently upgraded MS Rostropovich which is one of the few boats on the Volga to have private balconies in many of the cabins.

Standard category boats make up the bulk of the Volga Dream cruises and are generally multi-lingual but offering great value for money.

All include 3 meals per day and some sightseeing.

Deluxe boats offer the best in luxury and style - many say the only way to experience Russia!

MS Rostropovich, First Class for value and comfort

Standard boats are comfortable and well priced. Often categorised as 3 and 3.5 stars.


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